05 September 2013

Foolproof raspberry soufflé

Recipe modified from this one.

9 oz (250 g) raspberries
4 eggs
4 oz/100g/8tbsp caster sugar (table sugar)
2 quarters of a lemon for juice
1/2 tsp cornflour, lightly dissolved in a few spoonfuls of water
some butter
*white chocolate chips just for fun if you want!

*ramequins, a sauce pan, sieve, 3 bowls, hand mixer, whisk, oven preheated at 350F

1. Butter the ramequins and place in freezer, heat pan
2. COULIS: Put raspberries and 4 tbsp sugar in the hot pan, cook quickly for 2-3 minutes with a good squeeze of lemon juice. Keep breaking up the raspberries and mush into liquid.
3. Pass through a sieve to remove the seeds
4. Place 2 tsp of the coulis into each ramequin, put ramequins back in the freezer
5. Thicken the rest of the coulis in a bowl with the moistened cornflour
6. MERINGUE: Separate egg yellows from whites, whites into a bowl *This part is super important! Make sure the bowl is free from grease, and nothing else but egg whites get into the bowl! Otherwise it will not fluff up
7. Using hand mixer at levels 4-5, whisk egg whites for 3-4 minutes, gradually adding 4 tbsp of sugar, until a smooth soft peak is obtained
8. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice
*you can also add white chocolate chips at this point

9. Take a third of the meringue, whisk into thickened coulis
10. Lightly fold in the remaining two thirds, gently so the air is not knocked out of the fluff
11. Divide the mix between the ramequins
12. Smooth the surface and trim edges with thumb
13. Space out on a tray, put in the oven (350F) for approximately 10-15 minutes
14. Serve with raspberry on top, best served immediately

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