31 July 2013

Search for the Perfect Bag

100% quality leather
big enough to be functional
hopefully everyday


 Madewell the Transport Tote $168
Pros: simple, can get it monogrammed
Cons: a little too rugged in the cutting for my taste

Madewell the Camden Tote $218
Pros: Elegant, luxurious, cross-body straps
Cons: as a tote, handles are a little short, the color is less timeless

ONA the Chelsea $369
Pros: Ladylike, satchel and cross-body switchable, DSLR camera-ready
Cons: expensive, less casual

Vince Camuto Julia Tote $139.99
Pros: Color-blocking, pockets
Cons: less casual, a little heavier

Fossil Zoey Tote $130.99
Pros: mint!! Casual, easy
Cons: a little bland

Tory Burch Leather Stacked t Tote $475
Pros: Classy, ladylike, versatile, timeless, goes with anything
Cons: expensive

Verdict: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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