26 March 2013

Maybe someday

I used to have this dream, she said. I used to have this dream.

It was me, but it was like a movie. I watched as a man came in, a man I knew to be my husband or boyfriend or whatever, I watched him come into our apartment. It was an apartment up high, maybe in New York or Amsterdam, somewhere cold. The apartment was all wood, and very open. The living room area was a pit, a few steps down. There was a fireplace, a luxurious Persian rug, and a worn tan leather couch with a wooden frame, and a couple other one-seaters.

I saw me laying on the leather couch, amidst the folds of these soft, creamy, warm woolen or maybe cashmere blankets. I must have been doing some kind of reading, because my glasses were askew and I had a book or papers still loosely grasped in my hands. The fire was tck-tck-tcking, and shooting occasional flashes of red. Our dog, a friendly, adorable golden retriever, was laying right below me, content as can be.

I watched as he came in, maybe from his weekly tennis playing or squash. I watched him take in the scene, smile softly. He took one of the film cameras that sat on the shelves on the edge of the pit, and took a picture of the whole scene. Then he tiptoed around to me. He smiled again, and then leaned down to gently kiss me on the cheek. Our dog raised its head, shook its tail, and lay down its head again. In response to the touch, I murmured in my sleep but didn't wake up.

When I did wake up, I sat up, and turned toward the sound. It was coming from the kitchen. I got up from my couch, walked up the three steps out of the pit, across the little corridor, and stood in the entryway of the kitchen. He had showered, and it smelled like his shampoo from his wet hair. He had his back to me, and water was boiling in a pot, and he was peeling potatoes. I skidded in my fuzzy woolen socks and hugged him from behind. My high bun was ridiculously big and messy, and I was wearing his big soft chunky cableknit sweater, and my big glasses. He turned around, I let him go, moved to his side, and smiled up at him. He smiled at me, and kissed me.

I used to have this dream, hoping this was a vision from my future, she said. I used to have this dream, hoping this would happen maybe someday.

I used to have this dream.


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