10 January 2013

Gâteaux au chocolat ; chocolate cake

roughly translated from the recipe courtesy of my French host mother!
~8 persons

125 g chocolate
125 g butter ≈ 8.82 tablespoons *Good to have it sitting out so it's at room temp
125 g powdered sugar ≈ 1/2 cup
3~4 eggs
1 cuillère à soupe bombée farine : soup spoon of flour, rounded not flattened out

Baker paper/greaseproof paper/papier sulfurisé
Oven preheat to 210˚C = 410˚F

1. Melt butter and chocolate at a low fire, or in a microwave
2. Separate the egg white from yolk
3. Put the yolk with sugar, mix until the yellow is clear and a little foamy
4. Add it to chocolate-butter mix, mix with egg beater
5. Beat egg white
6. Add flour to egg whites
7. Add to chocolate-butter-yolk, mix delicately
8. Put baking paper on a baking pan, pour the mix in
9. Ten minutes in the oven, or until you poke with something and there is nothing on it

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