10 January 2013

Gâteau roulé ; roll cake ; yule log

from my French host mother...conversions are not exact, kind of wing it as you go.


125 g sugar ≈ 3/4 cup
75 g Maïzena (corn starch) ≈ almost 2/3 cup
5 eggs
25 g flour ≈ 1/4 cup
1 little packet (sachet) of vanilla sugar (sucre vanillé)
1 pinch of salt
100 g sugar ≈ 1/2 cup
1 little glass of water
1 sheet of baking paper (greaseproof paper; papier sulfurisé)

Oven, preheat to 185˚C = 365˚F
Dry linen towel


1. Separate the yolk from the white for the eggs, very important there is absolutely no yellow in the white
2. Put the yellow in a big bowl (terrine) with 125 g sugar, beat until pale yellow
3. Add flour and corn starch
4. In another bowl with the egg white, add salt and vanilla sugar, beat until neige forme, better use an electric beater or your arm is gonna fall off
5. Add the neige forme to the egg yolk bowl, little by little. Mix gently with a spatula until the color is all even
6. Put baking paper in pan, pour in the mixture, make it even with a spatula
*Make sure the pan is big enough so that the dough pâte isn't too thick
7. In the oven for 10 minutes
8. While it's in the oven, put 100 g sugar in the little cup of water and mix it well. Helps if the water is a little warm so the sugar dissolves easier
9. When the cake is done, take it out of the oven
10. Put the dry linen towel over the pan
11. Flip it
12. Lift off the pan and then the baking paper
13. Moisten the dough with the sugar-water
14. Put whatever you want evenly throughout: Nutella, jam, chocolate, etc.
15. Shaping firmly with the towel as you go along before taking the towel off, roll it into a cylinder shape
16. Leave it rolled in the towel to take shape
17. Preserve in fridge

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