19 July 2012

camera bag + ukulele

My baby!!! I love the guitar, but my hands have severe limitations in terms of chords they can play, and it scores low in terms of portability when I travel. Ukuleles are lighter and easier to play with.

After much research and consideration, I purchased Luau LU10-C from Wiki Wiki in Seoul near Hongdae. I'm glad I waited until I went to Korea, because when I went to hear the sounds of different ukuleles, I liked this brand better than the other American brand I was considering. Also, listening to the sounds was really helpful; online, I was considering 15-C if I was going to get a Luau because of the design and the comfort of a more expensive price, but in real life I liked the feel of the sound of the 10-C better.

Wiki Wiki usually sells in kits, so it came with a chord book and a black soft case (also a tuner, but I already have one so that wasn't included in the pricing). I love it!! So cute and so fun!

The very same day (of Mucho Spending), I also finally got a camera bag! The one that came with my camera was too heavy and weirdly shaped and uncomfortable and only fit the camera. This one is vintage style cute, compact, and compartmentalized with a long, comfortable strap.

The bag I picked was also from a Korean brand, Herringbone. So glad I went to Korea!

The case it came in was also pretty cute. My sister says she wants it for a dollhouse!

I purchased it at a shop called Carrot Camera in Namdaemun, and they gave me a free cleaning thing.

Inside, both sides are made of velcro, so you can arrange the two dividers any way you want. I took one out, put my camera in the 2/3, and wallet, phone, chapstick, and other little stuff in the other.

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