19 March 2012

dreamy? late night/early morning, late winter/early spring music

Here is an assortment of music on constant repeat on my iTunes these days.

Russian Red - Fuerteventura

Dreamy and melancholy, mystical and bittersweet, this Spanish songwriter's album is a world of its own. It's kind of like Florence and the Machine's calmer, more mature bigger sister with a sadder voice? Poetical lyrics add to the atmosphere, making you lost within its world.

Neon Bunny 야광토끼  - Seoulight

Mildly electro, addicting but hard to get sick of...my favorites are 나와 둘이서, 그대가 내게 주는 것들, and Can't Stop Thinking About You.

Soundtrack from 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 

"오늘은," "Wake Up," "무단횡단." I've never been really into rock music other than legends like 부활, but I love their songs.


Beautiful. They have matured, become so sophisticated. I kind of do miss their funkyfresh songs of old, full of youthful recklessness and fun harmonies (esp. GD&TOP's rap harmonies), but I guess I'm older too, because I find myself more comfortable with this album than their old ones now. "Blue," "Fantastic Baby," and "Bad Boy" are really cool, and they're all of different genres! So much talent.

These are all different from each other, but they have all helped me get through late nights and grey days.

장재인, Carla Bruni, Mumford and Sons ("Winter Winds")...

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