15 February 2012

Tippi of Africa

Tippi Degré was born in Namibia under freelance photographer parents. For ten years of her life until she moved back to France, she had a rather unusual childhood, befriending elephants, cheetahs, ostrichs, chameleons, lion cubs, and the Bushmen.

The book of photos of her time in Africa was one of my favorites when I was little--for years I drew little girls in ponchos living a life of wandering among Bushmen and animal friends in the wild. My favorite, of course, was elephants. Tippi's was the 28-year-old Abu, and the above is my favorite picture.

Well, now she's grown up and using her experience to defend her friends. Also there was a documentary filmed when she was little? Must become fluent in French...

Documentary Le Monde selon Tippi

more pictures!

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