16 February 2012

BIGBANG "ALIVE" 02.29.2012

Finally!!!!!! And BIGBANG is having a world tour!!!!!!! the first world tour!!!!!! And they're coming to North America!!!!!!!! Please somewhere near me please please please please oh please!

And the final (I hope?) tracklist. FOUR title songs?? errrr...at that point you need like a title TITLE song.

I'm pretty excited for 사랑먼지 and Daesung's 날개.

And...can YG please stop messing with le hair. For the love of all things good, TOP looks gewd in everything but blue??? And what is with G-Dragon's funky/weird/gross manga psycho villain Angel of Death hairdo? And Daesung...he's fine, but he still looks better with normal colored hair. 파격적인=/=머릿결파손. And 승리 & 태양, they...look like some freaky but cheap-o Shanghainese gangster district managers (??). Sigh. I'm sure they'll grow on us...but...well, the music will be good, I'm sure.

To celebrate, more GIFs and TOP pictures!

and a cute 대성 솜사탕 배경화면 background wallpaper

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