17 January 2012

Winter Break tidbits

It's back to school me already!

Snapshots of how I spent my winter break...
baking cookies (lots of them, for friends and family!)
...playing with slinkies and other random childhood toys (that's what best friends are for, right? do anything together without embarrassment)
...and play board games, including another of my great-grandmother's unique and infinitely special set of Chinese checkers, or the Diamond game as we call it
...and my new favorite fluffy friend, the mustachioed bunny "Labbit" from Kidrobot!
...and of course, my birthday! Lovely presents, and of course, lots of ice cream!
...lastly, the latch hook project I've been working on for quite a while, on and off since middle school, I think. Two of the three fish in the aquarium are done... I guess I'm a little tired of knitting and crocheting, and this is a nice change of a yarn project.

Goodbye break, hello school!

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