15 December 2011

La Vie en rose

Wow. The fact that this isn't even all of it, the fact that these things really happened to her. Everything awful that could possibly happen to a person, it all happened to Edith Piaf in her single lifetime. Poor lady. She is eccentric, quite strange, even frightening toward the end, and she did make not such wise choices, but what else could she do?

Time jump is quite confusing in the beginning, and my friends and I never could distinguish all the different men except for Marcel, but what a great, if sad, story. What great acting by Marion Cotillard. And of course, it was infinitely amusing to hear American-accented French that sounded so familiar to my friend and I, and to realize we had such little French cultural capital that the only song we knew by heart was the "Je ne regrette rien" because it came out in Inception.

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