14 December 2011

December: images in the mood of my mind

time to enjoy negative space...

To fill whole sketchbooks with such a variety of whimsy and artful meticulousness. Sometimes images express better than words, which is why it's harder to make images.

Just what I was looking for! Discovered, of course, too late (it's out of stock) and inappropriately (in the midst of studying for finals). But such a lovely pattern, color, fit, details. Note the circular cut of the bottom, pinched sleeves, and keyhole pattern in the back.

fluttery dresses, soft and warm and fuzzy and chunky sweaters and cardigans, fuzzy woolen socks, and boots in smooth leather.

But it's Christmas soon! Packing presents, writing cards and letters on thick smooth paper with sharp tips, singing along to carols, eating sweet hot yummy things, and seeing the pretty lights...

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