29 November 2011

YG Ladies for Elle

YG Ladies (2NE1, Gummy/거미, 정혜영, 강혜정, 유인나) participated in the Share Happiness campaign for the magazine Elle, to be featured in their December issue.

Gummy / 거미, singer

정혜영 (Jung Hye-young), actress

강혜정 (Kang Hye-jung), actress

유인나 (Yoo In-na), actress

Not sure if they have a collective concept, but they're all so beautiful in their own ways! And they really are a YG "family"! Kang Hye-jung is the wife of Tablo who recently joined YG, and Jung Hye-young and Sean, also of YG, are famous for being a good-hearted happy couple with four children who go out as a family to volunteer.


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