29 October 2011

Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)

The classical French film based on the classic play Cyrano de Bergerac. I'm sure most of us know the story--guy with skills at words but also with a big nose loves pretty girl Roxane, handsome boy Christian loves her, Cyrano helps Christian win Roxane by writing love letters for him.

I liked the film very much. The girl is pretty annoying with her bossy attitude, but Depardieu is one of those actors that make you fall for his character even if he's not handsome. As well, I thought adaptation of the script (of rhymed couplets, no less), sets, and costumes were done very well.

Fun Facts:
  • Cyrano de Bergerac was an actual French dramatist and duelist in the 17th century who did have a slightly large nose that led to many duels
  • Childhood friend and biographer Henri Lebret states as simple truth that Cyrano did fight 100 men in a duel and won
  • He did have a cousin named Roxane
  • He did fight for France in a war against Spain
  • Baron Christian de Neuvillette was a member of Cyrano's troop, and he did marry Roxane
  • BUT Cyrano de Bergerac famously had a love affair with Charles Coypeau d'Assoucy, a writer and musician, which ended in a huge quarrel leading to several satires by both men blatantly aimed at each other
  • Alas, what happens between Cyrano, Christian, and Roxane in the story--the whole writing love letters instead thing--is fictional.

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