06 July 2011

My Name is Khan

A touching story about an Indian man with Asperger's Syndrome living in post-9/11 USA. Rizvan Khan's sweet and good heart is so touching, while the shameless hate that is so common these days make you shudder and critically examine your own heart. Personally, I think everyone in the West, and especially in the USA, should watch it. Maybe even required as part of a history class requirement.

The baseless discrimination, hate, and abuse that American Muslims and Arabs suffered, the innocence of ordinary, non-extremist Muslims, and even backlash reactionary violent Muslims; all are portrayed painfully honestly.

"My mother said there are only two kinds of people in this world--good people who do good deeds, and bad people who do bad deeds. There is no other difference." Not religion, not culture, not language.

A great work of art...combining beautiful cinematography, poignant and heartwarming story, some great lines, warm humor, wonderful acting, and an important message.

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