27 April 2011

Ophelia Dahl from Partners in Health

Ophelia Dahl and Paul Farmer, cofounders of Partners in Health, were at a panel discussion event that I was fortunate enough to attend. During Q&A, Ophelia Dahl, daughter of the incredibly imaginative author Roald Dahl, said something that caught my attention:

Visionary and optimism go very well together. In fact, it may be quite impossible to be visionary, to have a vision for the future, if optimism is not there.

Not verbatim, of course, but something to the gist of it. 

In the reception that followed, in answering a question about her father, she talked about how Roald Dahl used to tell her and her sisters a different story every night, and how she did not know every father was like hers. 

Tonight, I feel very optimistic!

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