22 April 2011

Holy Weekend

The harsh forty days of Lent are at an end. We greeted the Holy Week with waving palm leaves on Palm Sunday.

Thursday marked the beginning of the Paschal Triduum with the Passover Supper of Jesus, wherein he symbolized his limitless love in bread and wine. That night at the Tenebrae, we saw the candles, the light of the world, extinguish one by one to the tune of bitter lamentations. Beautiful music gave the darkening world a sad air. At the exiting of the candle, symbolizing the brief death of Jesus, the whole community stomped, banged, and pounded to recreate the terrible quakes the Earth experienced at the moment of his death. But the return of the sole candle, and the silence that followed, represented our single ray of hope, in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is now Good Friday: we fast, in excited anticipation for his return. We remember his great sacrifice for our undeserving sakes.

On Saturday, we will gather at dusk. To wait, to stand vigil. To celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, to celebrate new birth, to renew our faith and to begin our journey once again to try to be at least a little deserving of his great love.

Happy Easter.

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