08 March 2011

Mardi Gras, paczki, Ridicule

Today was the first day, in my life, that I feel that I celebrated Mardi Gras properly.

Breakfast today had quite a few rare delights in the pastry section, most notably a variety of the Polish paczki, which I learned today is spelled like "pac-zzz-kee" but pronounced "pawn-ch-kee."

I was quite tired, battling midterms and traces of a cold, but all my sleepiness fled in anthropology class when a man in a suit and the head part of a horse suit came in, handed out beads, had my dear old professor tap dance "For Babies," and handed a small bottle of vodka to the TA to drink it straight up on her knee. Needless to say, my enthusiasm for Mardi Gras previously forgotten under the piles of To Do lists, immediately rekindled itself.

After classes, I spent the afternoon watching a French movie titled Ridicule, about the fatality and vanity of wit and la noblesse at Versailles with my friend. Enjoying another paczki grâce à sa mère. Despite a disturbing first scene, it turned out quite good, although most of the men are hard to distinguish, looking different in every scene with the presence or absence of makeup or wig.

The day was complete with the wonderful dinner at the dining hall. Mac-n-cheese, spicy jambalaya, and brownies, king's cake, strawberries, and fondue! They might not have made the most complementary meal together, and definitely not the healthiest, but it was definitely delightful to my tongue.

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