23 March 2011

Cool beans on another grey day

The iPhone Phone

For those of us who don't like the flesh stains that get on our touch phones after a call...and also like the old-school chunky phones!

What follows is more of cool but perhaps useless, practical but perhaps overpriced items to Better Your Life :)

Source: Nate 판

Sweeper Slippers

My mom would like these...or maybe she'll think these are too dirty-looking...

Perfect for daytime naps! Or sleeping in during sunny days...Or if you just want a city night-feel ...

I don't know where you could get these, but they would be very useful.

No more deaths from "accidentally" dropped plant pots...

Clock with no distractions...

"I'm tired of telling you why I have a cast on, so..."

Everybody envies my super awesome sandwich and steals them...not anymore!

Maybe for engineer couples?? haha

Advertise that slim waist!

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