10 June 2010

childhood treasures

found in organizing an old-forgotten drawer,

the mini Pokémon models....

Timmy the Turtle

A set of ceramic (?) deer set from Korea

A pin for a doll a crystal-like thing that I used as a source of fairyness, fairypower, and fairy potions (???)

stuff for Bbomi


Carnations I made for Parents' Day

a box of miniatures


  1. wow, you're really great in taking photos.

    btw, hi there. i'm from malaysia.
    i found your blog when i was watching some MVs in youtube.

    errrr, frankly typing, i like to read others' blog and make friends around the globe, mostly KOREAN,
    coz im one of the die-hard-fans of korean world.
    yeah sounds typical.

    let's be friend?????? ^^

  2. ahahah.. kamsahamnida :)
    do you have facebook or yahoo messenger??
    it is hard to have conversation here. ahahahh, you know ^^