01 May 2010

Busy busy!


It's almost the end of the school year, and so there's tons of things to do! Projects, papers, finals, planning for the summer!

I just finished my final portfolio for my English class. I still have to cover the last chapters in my math class, finish up the content on my webpage, and memorize some sentences and verb conjugations for French... At least, I'm not procrastinating....much. But I haven't even watched Cinderella's Sister this week, nor We Got Married!!! Oh well...It can wait, I suppose.

Over the last two days, I ordered my new laptop, put on hold plane tickets to and from Korea, and renewed my passport (in reverse order). That adds up to about...$3,000 total... Wow. And I'm not working at all this summer. Still have to buy tickets to Japan and pay for summer college, in fact. I feel rather bad for the sake of my parents, but I comfort myself thinking that I'll pay it all back when I'm a successful lawyer! (Right??)

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